What’s Laura doing at Paris?

Laura obviously spawned in at Paris 15hrs ago with the intention of testing the Boeing A380 rework (don’t tell anyone I told you that, it’s highly classified). I assume she started the flight and went outside where she was promptly abducted by aliens and has been done so ever since.
Currently held as a prisoner as the aliens question why the PEPSI CAN IS GONE and refuse to release her until she promises to add it back. I speculate she secretly enjoys cola more, but of course she can’t say that if she ever wants to return home. So it’s a game of stalemate until one makes the first move.

Or you know, she could be doing testing things, like testing for crashes, or to see how many people are incapable of landing a plane when she’s around 🤷


All I know it’s it’s her game, and she can do whatever she wants with it😂 She could turn off all the servers at the flip of a switch if she wanted to… but then #support would explode…


I wish I had that power. Then I could just say “The live servers have been acting up as of late, and we have decided to shut them down until the release of V 20.2 to conduct some maintenance. Please be patient, and fly on the damn solo server for once in your life”.

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Update: She still chilling. My theory, she is testing the continuous frame rate of the V 20.3 concorde. She’s using the scenic cam…

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Lol, she really does @bcc.123

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Here are my serious theories:

• She overslept the pushback time and her engines are just purring, ready to roar; until then, iPad is doing its job.

• she wanted to see how long it would take for a related topic to be posted.


Speculation is quite a human quality, and it thrives here. Let’s let Laura be, she’s probably doing [redacted] at [data expunged]

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She has a flight plan filed… 👀

Completely off topic but that might be one of the greatest replies I’ve ever seen

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She’s doing a protest for the Pepsi Can to be readded #BringBackPepsiImThirsty

Well, I saw her as I landed from Florence 2 hours ago. She seemed to go active when I was on short final :)

Buttered by the way.

Prolly just checking for bugs and just maybe a new feature for the 772 👀

The new SID and STAR filter is also something

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Someone asked what Laura was doing. We call it the the classic bug hunt 😁



One bug becomes 2, 2 becomes a lot, I lost count.

Um anyway Boeing A380

I guess she’s okay…


Just chilling with no gear