What’s it like to work at an Airport?

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Recently been thinking of my next career choice since i’m gonna be 18 in 5 months. As much as I would love to take training classes to be a pilot I don’t think I can due to my learning disabilities and anxiety. No worries that’s fine, there’s many different jobs at an airport. I was thinking of going for a Ramp Agent, might be very stressful but you get to be on the ramp all day next to aircrafts! Now if and when I start, do i go for a smaller airport and a smaller airline for experience or can I simply go for my next door neighbor (LAX) and apply for an open position there? Lemme know please!


You could try being a gate agent maybe. Thats one thing that I have kind of been looking into to due during college so I could have flight benefits, and just because it sounds kinda fun anyways.

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Honestly being a ramp agent is good and not stressful if your working at a hub , allegiant makes ramp agents do one plane by themselves sometimes I heard

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AA Envoy ramper at DFW

It’s not hard. It’s fun to work around the planes and the airport. It’s only stressful if you make it stressful.

The way it works at DFW is that you have to work for American Eagle (Envoy) before you can get hired at mainline American. I’m not sure how it works at LAX, or any other airline. American has a much smaller Eagle operation at LAX than they do here at DFW, so it may be different.


Yeah not sure where you heard that… totally false


Ramp Agent is awesome. Free flights, work around planes and get to travel for free. Been doing it for 4 years now and love it every day.


No it’s not for a airline like allegiant who outsources their ramp crews at some airports

Allegiant does have out sourced ramp but ive never done a plane by myself for allegiant.


I’ve work as a parking tender at Hill AirTanker base during the summer. Lots of fun

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how did you start your career?

Here at DFW we have to operate with 3 people minimum


3!? damn that’s not bad. At LAX it’s like a minimum of 8 😂

That’s 3 people working the gate - generally how we do it is one in the bin, one scanning the bags coming out, and one in the cabin cleaning/refilling the water. It does not include the bag transfer drivers, the fuellers (they are outsourced by Allied Aviation), and the lavatory service person. I work CRJs and ERJs so we can do a 50 minute turn as a 3 person crew fairly easily with no problems.

Started with allegiant in 2019. than moved around and found myself in richmond as the ramp sup. did that for a few years than moved back home and now work for aag on the ramp

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thats what we do as well

I work the ramp/dock at a touring service in Alaska and all I can say is it’s nowhere near the big airports but can definitely be stressful at times.

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