What’s it like flying during the Coronavirus Pandemic? I’ll tell you

Hello all. Today, I flew from New Orleans, Louisiana (KMSY) to Houston, Texas (KHOU) on Southwest Flight 356. The block time from gate to gate was about 1h20m.


The aircraft, a Boeing 737-7BD (N7737E) was not very clean. The flight was a stop over from Oakland, so I assumed that the ground crew didn’t have time to sanitize the aircraft properly before boarding started.

Social Distancing

Southwest did an okay job with this. Instead of having a full row, they left the middle seat open, meaning there was always one seat of space between each passenger.


The pilots for some strange reason were not wearing masks. Out of the 3 flight attendants, only 2 were wearing masks.

Sorry for the very short post. If you guys have any questions I’ll be happy to answer!


Nice post!
I got a question. Although it was a short flight, did the flight feel somewhat long because of the current situation?

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Not really. It was mainly security that took a long time. There was also a fair amount of people without masks

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How was the onboard service? I know Southwest has drinks, snacks, etc., were they given out during your flight?

Cool experience, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for sharing this! I actually leave for Florida tomorrow on Southwest and this kind of gives me a heads up on what to expect.

I also want to ask, how full was the plane, and was the airport pretty empty?

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It depends on what you consider empty. MSY is a fairly large airport, but it was like normal Wednesday traffic. The airplane had about half of its capacity. That’s saying a lot, because usually KMSY- KHOU/IAH is a full flight.

No snack or drink services on any flights. I was sorta sad about that, so I got a burger and sprite from Shake Shack before I boarded.

This is really interesting! It sounds like SW did a pretty good job though!

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Yeah! It was an interesting experience

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Crazy to see what the aviation world has come too

Just few the other day, seemed normal some people wore mask but most didn’t

Wierd what the worlds come to. The pilots weren’t wearing masks because when they have headsets on the mask muffels too much noise and makes it hard to hear, there was a youtube video about and if I can find it I’ll link it here

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Yeah. There was an extreme amount of people with masks. Some coughing. Good thing the flight was only an hour

Just a random little “tidbit” I heard on ABC news about flying, according to them, if you’re sitting directly next to or in front of someone with Coronavirus, you have an almost 80% chance of getting it (assuming they’re not wearing a mask on the plane) but if you’re not directly around them, you have a less than 1% chance of getting infected


My dad wants me to visit him in Florida in June and I’ve always been skeptical about flying right now. Thanks for posting this!

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I’m not bout to get the ronona today bud. Mask on, at all times

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Just a heads up, ground crew is NOT required to clean aircraft unless requested by FA. Most aircraft are only cleaned at night. Now should the FAs take some time and clean things before boarding yes.

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The thing is, the pilots don’t have to wear masks because they are not going to be interacting with anyone other than each other.


But even when walking to the gate they were mask-free

I know I’ll get a lot of hate for this, but I think masks should be avoided. It’s unhealthy to be breathing in your own air all day, and the CDC and WHO have both recommended against it.