What’s happening in expert

I went into expert and entered a TFR but i don’t know what’s happening, can anyone tell me, I flew from Zurich

A TFR is a temporary flight restriction.
It’s in place for the FNF so people don’t take off from airports that are like 10 NM away from Zürich. So they will be ghosted if they do.

We are getting ready for the Friday Night Fun event. LSZH is the main hub and will have some special notifications and restrictions for pilots.

I flew from LSZH to LFSB 3min ago about 30nm out

I wouldn’t recommend going back to Zürich after you land, though. You probably will be ghosted.

I wouldn’t recommend it either I got ghosted for doing that in the last FNF

Every Friday…

The TFR has text. Click on it. Read it.


I still managed a 20 minute flight as long as not departing and arriving inside that circle.

Today’s TFR does restrict all flights with both origin and destination within it. If discovered such a flight can well lead to being ghosted without prior notice.

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