What’s going on on training server at LAX

this is weird



I’d say that’s pretty normal for TS. They’re known for being immature and not as strict/formal as ES.


True the only reason I’m on training is because of violations be back to expert tomorrow

Yeah thats normal for training.

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You didn’t know Kamala Harris plays Infinite Flight?


@Kamala_Harris You got a shoutout :)


I don’t know… I’m seeing some pretty immature people on ES as well. Some guy on an A359 had a great idea of taking off on the wrong side of the runway when I was landing… had to go around…

Oh, well hopefully you can get back to ES. I’m definitely going to see this a lot when I get a sub again.

Welcome to Infinite Flight 😂 😂 😂

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This is a joke you know that right

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Yes I know its a joke.

It usually depends if there’s ATC or not. Although there has been an increase of TS users coming to ES because of long-haul flights with the usual KLAX-EGLL.

@Kamala_Harris Girl this you?!

It’s just TS being TS. Nothing unusual.

@Kamala_Harris Reveal yourself!!

Seems to be a long term Infinite Flight player, judging by the grade 5 OR Madam Vice President knows the devs and got them to give her a free pass to Grade 5. Interesting to see what she does when she’s off duty 🧐

Would explain the special message on the Air Force 2 overhead screens…🤫

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Nothing inappropriate about the callsign and the username was available on the forum. Post is inappropriate though.

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I don’t see anything wrong here…