What’s Everyone’s Plan For The FNF

Hey everybody. So just wondering, what are you guys planning to do for the FNF? I just took off from EGLC heading to KJFK in the a318 (it’s an irl route). Then, I will hop into a LATAM 789 and head to SCEL. It will be very fun. Good luck everybody!

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Thanks mark for changing it to #live

You can continue the discussion here! 🙂

@ButterAllDay If I am not wrong this is the main thread to talk about the event here.


Sadly I won’t be able to participate. But I’d definitely go for some routes that take me over the beautiful mountains we got there in South America.

There are some cool route suggestions in the main thread already though. @Kuba_Jaroszczyk provided the link. Check it out, maybe you find something new as well in case you want to do a second flight. It’s better to keep everything in one thread in my opinion 😊


Thank you @Marc! Will do and happy flying 😊

I will do KIAH-SCEL with a United 763 overnight, SCEL-SCIP-NTAA with a LATAM 789 (or lots of short hauls) for the FNF, and NTAA-KLAX-LFPG the next night.

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I’ll probably do SCEL down to Punta Arenas in beautiful Patagonia!

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I’ll do KJFK to SCEL, then from there to SCIP(Easter Island)

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What time in Eastern time are you taking off? I am at 10:30 PM ET @Plnelovr

Believe or not, but I’m doing some Short Hauls tomorrow, for the majority, buuuut once I’ve landed my Long Haul flight, of course ;)

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@Captain_JR what long haul are you doing and short hauls?

That’s to be decided, as I have no clue right now, so I’ll be hitting the planning board very soon :)

For Short Hauls, probably flying GOL B737, but from where, that’s something I have to look up on.

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Ughh! I am getting 62 knot headwinds near Dublin at FL340 and I will probably arrive to JFK late

My little a318 is getting rocked around by turbulence 6:44 till JFK long flight from EGLC!

my plan is to start in 1:30hrs from RJTT whit JAL 777 to SCEL

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I’m probably going to fly JFK to Santiago

Nice @CrazyBee sounds like a fun route except for the ocean most of the way :)

and its verry long whit over 9.500nm

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@AlphaSeven same when are you taking off eastern time I will be probably between 10:15 and 10:45 ET

I’m going to takeoff in like 15 minutes

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