What’s are SID/STARs?

So im an aviation lover (Same As most you guys propably) and I’ve been playing several flight sims for over 2 years now but I still haven’t understood what SID/STARs are. I’ve googled it but still didn’t understand it. All I know is that they are not available in IF. Would somebody mind explaining me? Thanks.

I’m not sure but I think SID/STARS are for depatures and arivals.

They are Standard Instrument Departures and Standard Arrival Routes. We don’t have them (the charts) implemented in IF but we have most fixes, VORs and navigational aids to do SIDs and STARs.

Just use google to find charts. If you use FplToIF for route planning, SIDs and STARs are added when you make a route.

Edit: Check out Nathans tutorial:


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