What’s an unusual route you personally think is different?

All airports have unusual routes. Whether it’s a large international airport or a small domestic airport.

For an example, Condor used to fly from Frankfurt, Germany to Whitehorse, Yukon.

Personally I have 3 that seem a bit odd.

  1. Advanced Air - Hawthorne (KHHR) - Phoenix (KPHX) Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (twin-turboprop)

  2. Allegiant Air - Stockton (KSCK) - Las Vegas (KLAS) Airbus A319

  3. China Airlines - Ontario (KONT) - Taipei (RCTP)
    Airbus A350-941 or Boeing 777-300ER


Azores Airlines from Oakland to Terceira OAK-TER on A330 Aircraft


Atlantic Airways from New York/Stewart to Sørvágur SWF-FAE on A320 Aircraft

Play Airlines from New York/Stewart to Keflavik SWF-KEF on A320 Neo aircraft

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Tromsø (ENTC) - Svalbard Longyearbyen (ENSB)

It can be flown on either the SAS A320 or the Norwegian 737-800.

This flight takes you from the Norwegian city of Tromsø up to Svalbard which sits at 79 degrees north. Svalbard Longyearbyen Airport is the worlds north-most airport with scheduled flights.


Another Condor route, FRA-ANC


wow, that’s an interesting one.

How about Ikaria National Airport “Ikaros” (JIK/LGIK) to Lemnos International Airport “Hephaestus” (LXS/LGLM)?

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Las Vegas to San Luis Obispo served by Alaska is definitely an interesting one


BBI-DXB (Bhubaneswar-Dubai) operated by Indigo in 6E1487. It’s a route I’ve flown irl. It’s definitely odd because I never knew it would be that popular. It operates on alternate days. When I went on it the plane was almost full which surprised me because I never knew there was high demand for a Orissa-Dubai flight

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I love flying the United 737-700 in and out of SNA to EWR.

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KLAS-KTNX Janet airlines because ✨Area 51

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Copa airline -Panama City ( PTY) - Aruba ( AUA)

I remember there being a Summit Air RJ flying to North Bend from Edmonton.
It’s the only international route i could remember North Bend ever having even if it was a temporary charter a few times

Yes. @OV-099 👍 They do Chartered flights for Miners in both Diavik and Ekati Diamond Mines in the Northwest Territories .

I have been on a flight from Seattle to Naknek.
Normal Alaska Airlines doesn’t fly that route, but back in 2019 they decided too for 4 months due to such a high demand of fisherman and mail.
Normal you have to make a stopover via Anchorage, but then the flights get backed up. They have not flown that route again since covid hit. But there is a direct charter flight from Everett that uses a Alaska 737-900 in the summer.

No way, I’m flying that route right now.

Basically every single Neos Air route that flies into Asia (Milan to Amritsar, India, Catania to Dubai, UAE as well as Verona to Salaah, Oman to name a few, they’ve got a pretty diverse route network in the Carribeans and East Africa as well)

Not necessarily unusual I guess, but it was a new experience for me when I flew Aer Lingus I think A320 from Dublin to Manchester back around 2018. It’s only like 35 mins flight time and a total change from my usual flights which are like 7hrs long.

Before I even realised we were at cruise we were already descending, the flight attendants barely managed to make it through the cabin with the trolley. But definitely no chance of getting bored on that flight with how quick it is.

I suppose it’s unusual in terms of not being something I’m used to with how short it was and how quickly we were back on the ground

I think its KDFW-ZSPD on the American B788.

Still is odd to me as North Bend isn’t a mining town, nor in Canada, and is a descent way down the US west coastline

I mean I’m not complaining, it was cool to see something other than United E175s and coast guard choppers. It must’ve just been a few special charters of some sort