What’s a service I could use to create a VA logo?

That looks good and all but 50 minutes is a long time for just that

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Do you know keynote? I created this in 10 minutes for a new VA that is getting IFVARB approved.


Wow! I’ll have to check that out!

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Would you be interested in making a logo for me? I’m the CEO of an up and coming VA.

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Sure, I would love to!

Just a little late

We already made one

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PM me and I’ll see if I can touch your current logo up or make a new one.

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Adobe Spark is really good.

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I like SqaureSpace!

You can use Photoshop for one week without paying. Enough time to make a logo,
however, you may wanna use Illustrator because it’s easier.

If you don’t want to pay money use google drawings, most of my YouTube thumbnails are somehow done with that on google drawings

I ended up using Canva. Highly Recommend!!

I recommend getting Adobe for making logos. Use Adobe Mix and Express to create quality logos.

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