What’s a good time for PRO?

Thinking of renewing my PRO. When should i do it?

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Right now of course, it’s great!

But for real, it’s fantastic. I’d say if you know you won’t be able to play much over the next week or so then I’d obviously wait and renew it then so you get the most of it. But besides that, there’s no reason to wait if you want to renew it.


Ok, that’s cool! I’ve seen the insta for IF and saw 3D buildings & clouds so I was think to wait until then or now… alr

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I wouldn’t wait until then. Clouds is Work In Progress, and 3D building, i would imagine, would take a while to make.


hmm… ok I am currently grade 2 & when i renew a few flights gets me to grade 3. So I want to also time it with the expert server ATC recruitment process

Do it! It’s just a great sim. 😁✈️

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I am waiting for these things before I renew

  • clouds (I’ll renew of it takes to much time)
  • 3D buildings/other features (doesn’t play into effect cause these take time
  • Taxi Light / realistic weather

I will be waiting and I know many others that are as same as me. These features need to be added then I will buy this sub, I know there are others out there who are same with me


It’s been open for a while? :)

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Oh I saw a recruiter say no new applicants are open but existing can finish, thanks for the confirmation, I’ll update my list

Do it now of course

or if you want, do around the holidays so you can have more time playing!

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Hi @Populous_Music

I’ll tell you my story:
When I was a kid I bought IF in 2013 in short on a tablet I had fun and I did not reinstall at all and in around April 2019 I remembered this game so I installed it and that at enormously changed. And late towards the summer I wanted so much to buy the pro I even wanted to grab an APK file but I said to myself that it is useless and I took pro! I paid monthly. Then it was expensive 11 € per month so I put 85 € directly in the game and that’s it

I know you want to have clouds, Taxiway lights and 3D buildings but:

Clouds in WIP: this is excellent news! More to wait
3D building: It’s not as easy as that for a mobile game, Android phones, IOS etc must be even more efficient to play with buildings everywhere and greedy (my opinion)
Taxiway Lights: This is not to confirm but it is a trend subject so you have to be informed but not to spread false news

In short, play with IF Pro but the game is already excellent even if we all dream that there are 3d buildings and lots of other but it takes time then you see when to renew. I can tell you that the IF I have known is no longer the same as it is today which is incredible and its community active and super attentive.

Here. Sorry if it’s long


I tend to renew after a significant update as it can become boring flying the same aircraft in very similar conditions every flight. If there was realistic weather and a more life like experience I’d consistently use the app, but for now there’s not really anything to justify me subscribing.

It’s not a price issue for me, it’s more of a repetitive/lack of engagement experience.

Just my opinion.


I understand, sometimes I do not have the time or not always the desire because it is repetitive but the Expert server is made for that, A well-equipped ATC calendar for each day a different destination each day, events and FNF always different even moose sometimes! After if you are a player who always has his plane and who does little original or other flight it is your opinion and I would be the same.

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Yeah I get that, and I agree that the atc schedules and events are a good way to engage users, but I’ve been subscribed since Global came out and there’s only so many routes you can fly before you begin to get bored. I understand there’s a whole lot of variety in routes you can fly (there’s the whole earth), but there’s really only two or three aircraft in the game which are engaging to fly. I don’t want to fly with pictures as a cockpit; I want the genuine experience of flying that aircraft. And that’s part of the reason it gets boring; you can only fly the A350 so many times until you want to try another aircraft, and there isn’t much option in terms of a realistic cockpit experience.

The flying experience feels really synthetic to me and I don’t want that from a simulator which is meant to replicate real life.


Yes I see but I think that the Developers aim to renovate all the planes over a long period (of several years) with listening to the community. We must therefore wait.

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Wait where have you seen 3d buildings? I have not checked there instagram in a while.

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This was actually very helpful! Thanks. Taxiway was my request

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