What’s a airport with a hard approach

Oh why didn’t I see this thanks

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Juneau Alaska is fun also but the larger you can really fly in is a 737 I could do a BBJ flight into there or any hard airport to land at for a long haul

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I recommend you fly into paro Bhutan airport VQPR as featured by Sam chui good luck 😜 Paro airport


At this point I just wanna fly a a380 into queens town but I usually go for realism so probably not

But I may have to try MMMX what’s the longest flight to MMMX

LOWI, approaching runway 8.

Yep down that

That would be Mexico City to Seul, Korea. 15 hours or so…

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Might have to try that. They use a a380 for that right with Korean or Asian airlines

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Paro in Butan is always a challange

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I would suggest KELP. The approach next to the mountains from the west side is thrilling

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Thanks guys I will for sure try MMMX

What’s the longest flight into here and the Max plane size

A a320 not too heavy - try going form kathmandu or Dakha

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Las Vegas runway 19 approach!

Cause of the mountains right

No. It is a STAR that you follow.

What star is it called

SITTE4 I believe.

Watch this video for the full approach. It is a visual approach.


Innsbruck (LOWI). You start the approach facing runway 26. Then you enter the right downwind for 06, making a very steep turn to line up on the runway. If you want to learn more about this approach, Cpt Canada did it in an A330 on Xplane. Look up “Innsbruck approach Xplane” on YouTube for more info.

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