What’s a airport with a hard approach

What’s a hard airport to fly into after a long haul flight because I have had my mind on this for a while and can’t find a good one so I want to here your suggestions


Lulka jk, Wellington can be fun.

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I don’t think the length of the flight really matters. If an airport is hard to land at, it’s hard to land at regardless.


Well I was thinking what a great feeling it would be to land at a hard airport to land at with a a380

For short haul yes long haul no

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Gibraltar International - Gibraltar.

Here’s one of the approaches


I personally would highly recommend flying into Queenstown, New Zealand. [NZQN]

It provides a bit of a unique challenge, but rewards with an absolute cracker of an approach;


What’s the average airplane size for it

Love flying into here

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Well there are many airports with hard approaches. Such airports include Lukla (GA, Prop), St.Barths (GA, Prop) or Kai Tak. (Commercial).

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Largest is a 767


But I want some where where I can take a let say 777 and have a ridiculously hard approach but it’s a real flight where would I go?

Why didn’t I think of that one? Yes, MMMX is one of the more difficult commercial airport approaches.

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And it’s a long haul flight

I could go there but other options

But what makes it hard don’t fly there really ever

You could try OAKB. I think Emirates flies a 77W there

Your ILS intercept comes around half way down the cone. It takes a lot of planning.

The hardest approach I have ever done is UGMS runway 20and VQPR (Paro) Runway 33. So fun to do and some of the hardest in the world. Hope you try them.

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Ok I see thanks