What Russian aircraft did the USAF capture and are in use at Area 51? Closed

What’s the fighter jet?

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MiG 15 or 21?

It’s MiG 21

Might be the MiG 21 J then.

All RU Tactical Fighters which have been exported, used for a Defection, or were un recovered strikes in non-Denied area’s!
Max Sends

(Any body know Vic Belanko? I do! Tell you a Foxbat story some day)

If you like to read check out Red Eagles by Davies, it is the declassified story of America’s MIG squadron. There is a lot of history about the planes, locations, and dev of Red Flag. Probably one of the most fun books I’ve ever read, easily worth the $17 on Amazon. Even has a forward by Gen. Jumper to add credibility.

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