What Runway?

I recently did I flight from KASE-KDEN and I couldn’t figure out what runway I was landing on at KDEN.

Eventually I went to Google and found out which one and it was 34L, this happens to some other airports to. Maybe the runway number could appear next to the runway or easier to distinguish. I don’t know if I should keep this in general or features.


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Keep it in general because there are no pictures in feature requests. Yes, that would be nice if the numbers were to the side.

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Zoom out and the number becomes bigger…

On the map where you can slide up and down to show the flight plan . Slide onto bit that says map and info when you are on the page click on the airport and it will tell you the runway numbers and lots of other information

Also, if you know your heading, the one on the left is the L, the right is the R and the centre one is usually the C.

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If you tap the airport itself and go to the end where the direction of the runway you will see the runway number laid out there. I’ll take a screenshot if it’s confusing.