What runway to use

I want to be realistic! So which runways do i operate for what at Paris Charles de Gaulles

The ones that are green which shows that the winds are in the favour of that runway. If there is ATC of course, you will need to use the runways they direct you too, which will still usually be the green runways.

I don’t believe there is specific things for specific runways, it depends on the Controllers, they might use some for take off and some for landing.

Follow the flow of traffic, or if the airport is empty use green runways.

Just get the damn plane in the air. There’s no need to be realistic.


I am asking which ones they use in real life! I want to be realistic for an upcoming realistic event!


They use all of them as the runways at LFPG are all parallel and they do not intersect.


Yeah but which are for arrival and which are for departure?

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That depends on the winds, of course.

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It depends on the winds, they use all runways I am sure.

You are always faster than me haha

Yeah but which for arrival and which for departure?

Normally, it’s outer runways for arrivals.


This goes for a lot of other airports with similar runway configuration… (4 parallels)


Great i thought so thanks!

It is pretty simple with airports with parallel runways only. Inner runways are departures with outer as arrivals. In the rare instances inner runways also receive arrivals but rarely. Departures are always out of the inner runways.


That is a big no no. Always check the metar instead of relying on the runway color. If there is a direct crosswind the colors aren’t accurate.

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Look up airport in something like flightaware and on the map you can figure out current real world active runways. IF runways can swing dramatically from one direction to another because of weather server connections and updates to they can change color simply because of a 6 knt crosswind in variable conditions

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In the future I’d recommend giving the same amount of effort in your topic that you hope to receive in a response. This is vague at best.

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