What routes and aircraft should Qantas consider for Project Sunrise?

Hey Guys,
As a fellow aviator from Australia, Project Sunrise is a major step in AUS Aviation, so I wanted to know your opinions on what routes to fly and what aircraft to use.

They’re doing SYD-JFK/LHR?..

They are re-routing certain B787-9 delivery flights to fly LHR/JFK-SYD with ~40pax for medical testing and assessment of comfort + for promotion and marketing purposes.

Not sure when those flights will be but I believe this year.

For @Air_New_Zealand´s question: I would probably prefer the A350 (probably the -1000XLR if that’s going to be a thing).

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I think Sydney is the test flight as they want to do Melbourne and Brisbane as well?

Well, as we know, Qantas are flying three test flights from New York and London to Sydney over the next few months.

I would like to see them fly (all are direct routes)…

Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane to New York
Sydney & Melbourne to Rio De Janeiro
Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane to London Heathrow
Sydney & Melbourne to Miami

For these routes, I’d like to see them fly the 777-9X. This is because Qantas has a primarily Boeing long haul fleet. Plus, Boeing have promised some sort of compensation to Qantas if the deliveries are delayed.

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There will be three flights. Each one will take place in Oct/Nov/Dec when the 789 is delivered.


The flights will be completed in October, November and December.

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Beat me to it.

Thanks @Ishrion @Adam!

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They should do the east coast to St Maarten!

I’d love to see ULH flights out of Brisbane to NY and London

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Ironically, Qantas is operating a one time Sydney to Los Angeles to Orlando flight for some supermarket company in Australia.

Although, in Miami they’ll gain AA connections to the north, but most can already be offered by AA at DFW.


I think they might. Alan Joyce wants the east coast to have those flights including Brisbane. Sydney will determine if it’s doable or not

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They plan to do the east coast to New York, Rio, London and possibly some German city. Due to demand not every east coast major city will do every flight, seeing Brisbane doesn’t even have a dedicated Qantas flight to London right now.

The flights will likely be
Brisbane-New York
Sydney-New York
Melbourne-New York

The aircraft depends on how much effort Airbus and Boeing put in. The 778 has the potential to be selected because it can go everywhere except to London with a full passenger load, so chucking a good 50 passengers out and making the flights have 250 people onboard, replace with 5 tons of fuel will get another 45 minutes- hour of flight time allowing it to garuntee safe flights to London.
The A359ULR is great because it can theoretically do the flights, but it’s not the configuration Qantas wants, they want lots of economy passengers, the A359ULR is really meant to Singapore Airlines which do their New York-Singapore flights for business people.

Airbus is definitely putting more effort into this because they want to be the aircraft which have the longest flights in the world but their aircraft is just slightly under the margin


Is there any source saying Qantas is interested in Rio service? Haven’t heard anything on that.

And I’m pretty sure MEL/SYD-GIG will not require a Project Sunrise A35K/777X considering it’s well over 1000 miles shorter than SYD-JFK/LHR.

Yeh I was a little confused about that when they announced it but they have it on the announcement video. I think it’s more likely Perth to London will become a dedicated flight instead of the stop over from Melbourne, and flights to Rio will take the 787 as well.

Perth-London and Sydney-Rio will be more mini-project sunrise routes, long flights but not insanely next generation long flights

I think the BNE-ORD and SFO is part of the Project too!

@AndrewRG10 found it.

And… by definition Project Sunrise is Qantas’ plans to fly non-stop from the East Coast of Australia (including Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane) to London, Paris and New York City by 2022 and challenged Boeing and Airbus to create aircraft that can travel to such places without stopping.


I can’t wait for the test flight results! I can’t wait to try the routes in IF (if it’s even possible ;)!

Perth to New York City. Get real with it lol

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