What route do you want me to fly? Would you rather edition

I have been grinding a lot of flights lately. I’ve been coming to a problem. What is a fun route I should fly. I made to see if I should do a long haul, mid haul, or a short haul flight.

Go ahead and vote to see what I should do. I may also make it a flyout for the community. So vote wisely. Tomorrow I will close the poll and make a new poll. Have Fun!

  • Long haul 9-12 hours
  • Mid haul 5-8 hours
  • Short haul 1-4 hours

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I think your mid and long haul kinda overlap each other 😂

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Fixed the issue.

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Personally, I like short hauls and some medium hauls best because it’s easier to foresee where it’ll fit into my schedule. Long hauls are nice too, but if you want to crank out a few flights, short or medium haul are better.

Most of my flights tend to be between 2-6 hours.

I’m praying you guys vote for medium haul.

I kinda vote for both, but I only have one choice.

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I love doing short hauls since I have time for them. One route I recommend is MSY-MCO.

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Remember your decision is important to decide what flight I’m doing. Tomorrow I will change the poll to see what country I will be flying in, and maybe the community.

Please put your polls in the topic I’ve linked below so that the forum won’t be clogged and cluttered. Thanks, happy flying!

Would You Rather: IF Edition

Route suggestions can be found here

I’m closing the poll in 1 hour! If you haven’t voted yet come on by and vote. It only takes 3 seconds!

Thanks everyone for voting in the 1st poll! Scroll down to vote in the second poll!

The poll is now closed! I am going to make a new poll about what country I will be flying in. Once again you guys get to pick. Check the link above to find the new poll!

Yesterday I made a poll to see if I should fly a long haul flight, a mid haul flight, or a short haul flight. To see the results check this link: What route do you want me to fly? Would you rather edition

Today I am back with a new poll to see what continent I will be flying to.

You guys want me to do a 9-12 hour flight. So now I want you guys to vote on the 2 continents I am going to fly from. (Aka Australia-North America)
Your vote is really important.

Also remember, I might make this into a community flyout.

The poll is below! Have fun!

  • North America to Australia
  • Australia to North America
  • Asia to North America
  • North America to Asia
  • South America- Europe
  • Europe to South America
  • Africa to Europe
  • Europe-Africa

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I will close this poll in 12 hours

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10 hours left

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