What route do you fly the most?

I was just wondering what route you fly the most? Mine is a short 25m hop from ENBS to ENBR, all in Norway and done with a Wideroe Dash-8 Q400. Here’s a short time lapse I recently made about it: Click here to watch the video.

So, what route do you fly quite frequently?

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I fly a lot from Orlando To Mexico City


I do quite a lot of WSSS - EGLL and KLAX - RPLL

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Or I fly from Panama City to Los Angeles

KLIT-KDFW-KLIT is my go to route

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I’ve flown EDDF-KSFO probably 30+ times😅


That’s a lot of times 👍🏽😂


I do my best to fly a different route every time. So far I’ve yet to fly the same exact route twice.

I’ve done probably 10 times from Orlando To Los Angeles

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Really that’s awesome

Japan; seas, mountain for sure

I always fly from Mirny to Moscow (Domodedovo)

I always fly CDG, to LHR. It’s a short flight, and really fun in the A318/320.
I also really like to fly from LHR to JFK sometimes as my long haul.
I fly DOH to BEG as well, as IRL I fly that route almost every month.

VTBS-VTSP. I love Phuket @Bangkok_VTBS


Yup, Phuket’s really nice! I’ve flown there iRL

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KIAH (Houston George Bush) to KMCO (Orlando Intl.) and the return flight as well. I always use a United 737-700, 737-800, or 737-900 and sometimes a United 757-200 for the return leg, Orlando to Houston. This is also the route I fly the most in real life. It’s mainly ocean, but I just love it.

EGCC-EGKK-LFPO is my go to route for getting my grade back up after being off Global for a while

There’s a bunch of “favorite routes” topics already.