What reworked or new planes do you want?

  • B777-300
  • B777-300er
  • A330-300
  • A350-900
  • A350-1000
  • Concorde
  • Other

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I would actually like the 777X, A330neo, or the Bombardier CSeries.


I really want reworked aircraft but I also want the B787 and the A350 we can’t have everything thing though sadly


yeah your right

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I want my 777-300. I’m still not giving up. 😑

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We need the Super D!


so the B787 may not be added

Why all the option applicable for SIA one ah (except for A35K)? 😂

Hard choice sia

  • B773 can have Singapore Airlines Star Alliance livery siol
  • B77W need rework meh? Already sibeh good
  • A333 is a must for WSSS-WMKK!
  • A359 also can throw to SQ118
  • A35K is my favourite model somehow… Fictitious flagship of mine: 9V-LQH ;)
  • CONC is you know luh, half SIA half BAW wet lease

The dilemma is real…


yeah… idkwts

Well, you see Jacob, the 777X isn’t ready yet

I don’t want any, I’m happy with what we have.


To be honest, I want Global Flight to come out before any other plane is added or re-worked.

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A330-300 need’s a rework it has so many awesome livery’s ( and the A330-200 too)


I would really like a rework of either the 757 or the Cessna 172, of course the plane I would love to see added more than any other is the IL76 (closely followed by the twin otter).

A330-200, CRJ-200, B717, Concorde, B777-300, B777-300ER, Fokker 100 and BAe 146 :-)

Apparently you tried to organize them alphabetically 😂

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1st- Other
2nd- A350-900
3rd- Concorde
4th- A330-300

And what’s the “Other” ah?

Other airplanes lah

I want the ERJ-145LR

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