What regions would you want in IF?


What regions would you want added in Infinite Flight? I personally want the following:
Moscow (UUDD Domodedovo, UUEE Sheremetyevo, UUWW Vnukovo)
South Korea (RKSI Incheon, RKSS Gimpo)
Persian Gulf South (OMDB Dubai, OMAA Abu Dhabi, OTHH Hamad International, Doha)
Dallas/Houston (KIAH George Bush Intercontinental, KDFW Dallas fort worth international)
[The devs always use ICAO (4 letter) Airport code, so I used them instead of IATA (3 letter) Airport code.]


IAH/DFW ( Houston & Dallas ) would be awesome!!! But do you think they could do most of Texas to? Austin & San Antonio?


No harm in using the ICAO code. I’m not familiar at all with it but as long as the IATA code or airport name is placed after it, that’s fine.

Everything but Southern Persian Gulf is on my wish list.

Seoul could be joint with Tokyo, Pyongyang (Please make a fake airline called Great Leader Airways :joy:), Vladivostok, Beijing, Harbin, etc.

Taipei/Hong Kong/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Xian would be great.

Southern India from Mumbai to Male.

We need to give Africa some love-How about a West Africa Monrovia to Lagos region. Of course lets not forget the more north cities such as Dakar.

Sao Paulo is simply a must IMO-Include Rio De Janeiro and Asuncion also pls.

Southern SA with Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Santiago de Chile are all musts.

Panama City or Caracas perhaps-Have it encompass Costa Rica, the Caribbean south of where the Caribbean region ends, Quito, and Caracas?

Long live the DC-9!


If they do DFW, IAH and AUS will very likely be in the map. The latter two are not that far from DFW and they are sizable cities. SAT seems a bit far but who knows? Maybe they’ll feel ambitious.

Long live the DC-9!


@Boeing707 LOL. The national airline of North Korea is Air Koryo.

Tokyo would be nice, but is too far away to be a connected region.

I agree on your statement on KSAT. Putting that in would make said region way larger that South California. According to google maps, the distance between Tijuana and LA (Borders of Southern California) is 227.6 Kilometers, but Dallas to San Antonio is 274.3 Kilometers, Making said region the largest in IF.

On southern Persian gulf, it is so popular, it has its own thread.

On Taipei/Hong Kong/Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Xian, cool idea, but I also want Beijing too.

On South India, Sri Lanka could be added with, but may be a lot.

On West Africa, Nigeria would be better as it has 26 major airports.

On Sao Paulo/Rio/Asuncion, It would be nice. Think of all the Amazon terrain and approaches.

On Southern South America, it would be nice to have a South American region.

Panama City would be interesting.

(I have many more ideas, but it would probably overwhelm the Devs as it would be too much.)


I’m aware of good 'ol Air Koryo. I hope they keep flying those amazing Il-62s, An-24s, Il-18s, and other soviet aircraft.

Beijing could work with Seoul maybe.

Sri Lanka is fine. It’s nearby Kochi so IF could make it work.

For West Africa, as long as it includes Dakar, Monrovia, and Lagos, I’m fine (Doesn’t matter where the base is).

Anchorage would be cool-Go all the way down the archipelago and to Juneau

Nuuk and Reykjavik region would be interesting and cool but not many airports there.

Scandinavia region including Oslo, Copenhagen, Malmö.

Can never forget Frankfurt, DUS, MUC.

MAD, LIS, Palma De Mallorca


Eastern europe

I could go on forever…

Long live the DC-9!





Washington DC

Michigan (I live in that state)

New England

Mexico city

Central America

Northern South America




Pacific Islands

North Egypt


Addis Abada


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


New Dehli

New Zeland


Istanbul/Southeast Europe

Northeast Pakistan

Southeast Asia

Kiev, Ukraine





Hainan (island off the coast of south China)

South China

Perth, Australia

Too many Possibilities!

I am basically advertising global flight with this post, but you get the idea.


I would love to have Nigeria too.


I hope for:
Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Doha - Bahrain
Tokyo - Nagoya - Osaka
Hong Kong - Macau - Guangzhou
Washington D.C. area


To shorten this, here is my top 6 (Not in order, even numbers work better due to for each 2: one is free and one is 4.99 generally):

  1. Nigeria ($4.99)

  2. South Korea ($4.99)

  3. Persian Gulf south ($4.99)

  4. Austin/Houston/Dallas (Free)

  5. Montreal (Free)

  6. Moscow (Free)


Hold on Nigeria should be 4.99€ it’s not cheap you know. They have some good challenging airports so hold on



I think the Alpes would be very nice.

Stretching from Geneva to Vienna west to east
and from Frankfurt to Milan North to south

First of all beautiful scenic views guaranteed

Then a lot of interesting airports in a lot of different countries!

Southern Germany (FRA, STR, NUE, MUC)
Austria (INN, SZG, GRZ, VIE)
Switzerland (GVA, ZRH)
Nohern Italy (MIL, VCE, VRN)
Parts of France
Parts of Croatia, Slovenia and Chech Republic

What do you think?

Happy Landings, Clipper747PA


Nigerian airport runway this airport has sometime low visibility and at times heavy crosswind for those daredevil pilots


Good idea!
But Geneva - Vienna is maybe too large…
Munich - Vienna - Salzburg - Venice - Verona - Milan may be better.

Would be interesting to see how the Developers animate Venice, my hometown ;)


Incheon would be interesting. What realism would be added for flying too close to North Korea? Get shot down? Lol

Incheon to Hong Kong would be nice👍🏼

Incheon Airport in real life is a nice airport

New Zealand 194 Heavy


Id perferr a desert region wheres its always hot with no humidity such as Phoenix. But the newbies trying to fly A-380s in 125 degree weather takeing iff from a ten thousand foot runway will easily overrun it


All of Texas would be nice. At least Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. Pretty big airports here.


I think Texas has alot to offer…however Canadian or Brazilian regions would be really good as alot of traffic flows to these countries


KAID in the north, ROA in the west, NTU in the east, and LYH in the south. So basically Virginia. That last one, LYH, is used as a practice runway for Air Force 2 for its emergency situations. It also sees a large amount of navy aircraft on their way to NTU. Virginia has the Blue Ridge mountains (think SoCal sized ones) that run the length of the state. It makes landings into ROA interesting for most aircraft. And of course Dulles is a huge airport with daily flights by Air France and British Air, as well as thrice weekly AeroFlot flights. It is also one of the largest United hubs in the country. I think this region would be so much fun! Also, it sits right next to the Charlotte region for those pilots who love to push the envelope with inter regional flights. :)


How about India?