What Regions are actually free? (App Glitch)

So today I logged out of my live account to see what regions were free for when my subscription ends next week and it showed these regions as well as a few others

I then closed the app and when I re-opened it these were the only regions that showed up as free

What’s happening and hopefully the first 2 pictures are the actually free regions (If this should be moved from support let me know)

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I mean, unless you were able to spawn in these regions it’s just a visual glitch.

I was able to spawn in the Paris region of the 2nd picture

Well, I mean I wouldn’t be complaining lol


hmmm your lucky getting them extra regions. maybe a glitch that showed a preview of an upcoming update :eyes:

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I hope i do after next week

But I also was able to fly in the South Florida and Hawaii regions before I got pro in August and I bought those regions in 2015

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That’s probably why. Purchased regions look like free regions. Probably when you signed out, it showed, but when you closed and re-entered, it reset and didnt show the purchased regions?

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