What region should I get?

I have all except three sceneries. Which is the best scenery to buy?
[Closed] New poll, scroll down (Tiebreaker)

  • -Caribbean
  • -Denver, CO
  • -Seattle

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The one with the most votes I will purchase. Thanks :)
If there is a Tie with two sceneries, a new poll will be created as a tiebreaker

Most Voted: Denver

Caribbean, you get to do cool landings there

I need more votes X3

Or wait until Global :)


Yeah, that’s true…

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I’m a little tied. If you like doing long flights, especially real world ones, I highly recommend you pick Denver. If you like doing touch and goes and island-hopping, then get the Caribbean region.

Eh, Hawaii is good for island hopping, as Hawaiian uses their 717’s to do Inter-Island flying.

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Keep the votes coming! Denver needs 2 while Caribbean needs 7 more (12 votes in total).
Seattle seems to be out.

The votes are in! A tie! A tiebreaker must be made

  • -Denver
  • -Caribbean

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6 votes needed to break the tie. And vote only once please.

Looks like I’ll just get Denver.

Bought Denver.


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