What region should I get?

  • London
  • Caribbean
  • None (global’s coming out)

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Hi there!

I don’t know which one to get. London is my local area, whilst I love Princess Juliana in the Caribbean. However, globals coming out soon, so is it worth it?

I don’t mind ATC coverage, as my live has expired, and I’m not renewing.


London is your Local area and it has more awesome Airports in my oppinion, Heathrow, Birmingham, London Gatwick, London City, London Stansted:
Get the London Region or wait, (Global Flight)


London is kinda boring in love. There aren’t any long routes but I suppose you could go to East Midlands.

I’m not buying live, I’ll be playing solo.

I think I’m going to get London…

A quick question; in London, when you go to London City, does it start you out at the right place/height for the correct descent rate?


No, you have to climb to about 2500ft to intercept the glidescope.

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Got London! :D

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