What region should I buy?

  • New York
  • Caribbean
  • Both
  • Other comment it down

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Yes! I control there sometimes on ATC Playground. It’s quiet, and it is less of nimrods.

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I’m still not sure. I already have London. I have a day to think about it.

Caribbean then. Try landing at SXM

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Yes I would vote for the Caribs too. After London was the next region I bought before got Live +.

Lots of great routes there and it’s quiet realistic to land a b747 ( esp in KLM) at St Martines

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Seattle/Denver are my personal favourite. They have good, challenging approaches, mountain passes and huge international airports. Seattle is not very popular, but what it lacks in that it makes up for in scenery. Denver often has some traffic and it can get very busy when ATC opens up.

Seattle contains some of Boeing’s Factories and Test facilities.

  • KPAE - Boeing Everett Factory, produces the 747, 767, 777 and 787
  • KRNT - Boeing Renton Factory, produces the 737
  • KBFI - Boeing Field, makes final preparations for the 737 before delivery

Don’t forget the 757, it’s manufactured at Beoing Renton

*Was (filler)

Oh, have they ceased manufacturing for the 757

Indeed, so sad. The Boeing 737-900ER Replaced them.

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Seattle is by far the best region of them all.

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Which is why I told them to clean up KPAE. I think they are making actual markings at the Everett side :)

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I think I might just get a yearly live subscription instead. Thanks guys.

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