What really is a virtual airline

I’m confused. What is a VA? Why would I want to join one? How does it benefit me? What does it restrict me from doing? Do always have to fly with that VA?

These are most of my questions for now. Can anyone help

A VA is a group of people who fly a certain airline together a bit like a small community, it is really fun and I encourage you to join one! Usually VA’s want a flight a month but dont quote me! It does not restrict you at all only unless it has high standards for its staff members!
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a virtual airline i where you sign up and they assign you routes with that liveries

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A VA is a virtual airline.

To fly your favourite airlines routes with other people that have the same interests

Let’s you meet other dedicated members of the community, and learn many new things

Nothing as long as you meet the requirements for activity in the airline nothing to worry about.

Nope same answer as above really:)


What is a Virtual Airline?

A Virtual Airline (VA) is a member-driven group which aims to simulate the flights and operations of an airline, charter operation or flying club. Some may be based on real world companies while others are fictional. The route structure of virtual airlines may be regional, national, continental, or global.

Each VA is different in terms of how “realistic” it is in different areas: for example; ranking structure, the amount of training required to fly different aircraft types, the corporate management structure, and standard operating procedures. This wide variety almost guarantees there is a VA using our network that should suit your individual needs.

Info from VATSIM


thanks everyone for the answers. Very helpful.

Are virtual airlines made for IF?

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yes they are!!:)

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Are made up for every single Sim though, I mean, may Sims, have Va’s.
But yes.

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Other sims have Virtual Airlines if thats what you mean…

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To see all Virtual Airlines on the IFC before this becomes a advertising thread visit ifvarb.com

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i only know:
and BA(British airways)