What realism can we find with the IFATC?

In thanks to the Expert Server’s ATC’s.

Well, today was one of the best if not the best event ever organized by the Brazilian community on Infinite Flight. Therefore, we are creating this post to thank the assistance that these people gave us and give us every day.

We know that the traffic generated by the ATC schedule is resoundingly intense, far beyond what any real-life airport could handle taking into account the human capacity to handle safely in these situations, and even so the Infinite Flight ATC’s are there every day if dedicating to offer the greatest security and speed possible for our flights.

It really is not possible to compare INFINITE FLIGHT traffic with LIFE REAL traffic, after all we are in a simulator, the simulators are made to test, train, learn and much more. Therefore, it is easy to see that the IFATC handles the heavy traffic of the IF with as much security and realism as possible, or essential.

About today’s event Brazil’s Independence Day

Positives: Today is entirely a positive, imperfect, but positive point.

Negatives: With the event hosted on the stopover, we expected there to be more ATC’s in Brazil, at the Center’s and even in the initial part of the arrival at SBGR, in which TWR and GRD had to deal alone with the arrival traffic of the event and more outgoing traffic.

We know that no ATC is required to attend any frequency and that is why we are not upset, everything is fine about that.

Conclusion: The event was wonderful, after a while App’s appeared and in the end someone decided to open the Center’s frequency.

Anyway, we are satisfied and grateful for the opportunity and service offered.

Our event would generate incoming traffic in SBGR at 20:00 UTC today, but we were presented with intense traffic in Brazil throughout the day.

Amid the difficult times the world is experiencing, this day is being more than a national holiday for us from the IFBR community.

Many thanks to @Tyler_Shelton and everyone who participated in the event, as well as all the ATC’s that are serving Brazil today.

This is all very fun, inspiring and motivating for our lives. See you soon…

Att STAFF IFBR @InfiniteFlightBrasil


to all of you IFATC’s my thanks for donating part of your day to control and provide such an incredible day for us IF pilots, and for the Brazilian community !!


It was a pleasure to control you all. Looking forward to another event!


thanks to the IFATCs for their willingness, and the service done today in my country, You guys are incredible.

Thank you!!!


thanks IFATCs for control in Brazil. The movement was incredible. I come to thank on behalf of IFBR the controls in Brazil. And we know about the work you have been doing in air traffic making it safer😃👍🏼👍🏼


Well, I would like to thank the IFATCs that control Brazil today. I know that not every moment is perfect, but you did your best to bring the best to the Brazilian and global community. I think that’s it. I am very grateful for your part. I would also like to thank @Tyler_Shelton for making Brazil on the calendar especially for the special day of Brazilians, I am very happy!


Just seeing the map is crazy!

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The traffic in the image looks like an arrow pointing to GRU hahaha @Jason_Kitchen

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