What realism are you looking for with the IFATC?

Well … I know a group of ATC well known in the midst of simulators which are volunteers and practice it with professionalism even though they are not real controllers and not even close to airports. I think you know them too. But my discontent with the plan passed to the IFATC and little instruction to SOME remains.

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No worries! If you have any further questions or concerns that you wish to have addressed, please feel free to continue the discussion or PM me or any of the other controllers! We love hearing what the community has to say

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@Chitown say what you need to say…

Yes… Thats true

Thank you very much friend.

I will fortunately agree with the answers from @Shiv @bcc.123 @ToasterStroodie @Rob_M.


@Mozart_Razgriz I hope you understand what they mean. They are there to help each other.

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truth. I agree with what you said. depending on Air Traffic, some of the things go very far from reality. They need to try harder to keep it as real as possible taking into account the restrictions of each aerodrome😌


As addressed above, when we open up, there will be one or two airports that will become the main hub because it’s an airport all the pilots love flocking to. While we at IFATC do have some cool things, telling pilots to spread themselves out and explore the world more isn’t one of our magical powers :(


unfortunately this is not the fault of the IFATCs but of the pilots who choose to fly in the big Hub, filling the airports making the IFATCs take unrealistic measures like landing in the 09L and R, so don’t blame the IFATCs for just doing their best to speed up the traffic


@ToasterStroodie Truth. But the biggest fault and the pilots. They are not divided into going to other controlled areas or aerodromes and prefer the main Hub. And ATC’s methodology for doing the real thing is complicated by the heavy traffic. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I hope you understand that the IFACTs are doing their best, because if it were to land only on the 09R or 27L with this traffic it would take a long time!

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It’s not our fault that everyone flocks to the same hub at once. You guys like the unrealistically high traffic amounts. People want the variety but then they all flock to the same place. Not much can be done. Sorry.


Another realistic thing that some controllers have started especially @PlaneGeek is clearing on short final. IRL they tell you to continue approach for runway xx then when the runway is actually clear such planes are done crossing, deps are out etc. you get cleared. If you aren’t cleared you should g/a. What we do in IF they only do IRL in the US. We just can use the command “continue inbound” to improvise the continue approach for runway xx!


Everyone knows Realism™ topics are my favorite. Forget the whole traffic flocking to one hub stuff for a second and face the facts.

  1. Real life controllers train for months if not years to control a single airspace. They are grilled on procedures and become the expert of their domain. This simply isn’t practical on a simulator/game for airports that rotate each week

  2. Pilots are as much at fault, if not more, for not being able to follow “real” world procedures. In the “real” world, pilots don’t:

  • Enter the airspace on top of one another already breaking separation standards forcing controllers to work harder getting them separated

  • Fly into the airspace with no comprehension of the procedures themselves causing the controller to need to work harder to get them into the appropriate place

  • Fly into an airspace doing 330 kt ias, thus giving the controller no chance to slow them in time to keep them close to their desired arrival procedure

You want “realism™,” it comes from both sides.

Instead of complaining about controllers not being knowledgeable (IFATC has no magic database of real world procedures for all airports), why don’t you write up a comprehensive tutorial on the airport that you care so much about. Be a part of the solution…


I think we’re kind of getting repetitive here but I’ll try and add something…

My best example is that quite Thursday in the beautiful and gorgeous, remote island in the Pacific ocean of Tahiti. A nice, relaxing place to go and fly, where you could expect maybe a few other pilots. Until 150 people decided to fly there massive 777s into the island’s tiny airport. This airport would usually see only a single flight every hour or so. All of a sudden, this small airport woth very limited taxiways and parking areas, had a airliner (mostly 777s) touching down every 60 seconds. The them of the day was supposed to be general aviation. But, did the pilots want to fly the nice Cessna or Xcub? Or even any of the other light aircraft? No, they wanted to fly the newly reworked 772. Now ok, yes, 777s do fly into this airport, but not hundreds of them in a day. This forced IFATC to use unrealistic procedures. Otherwise, it would take ages for anyone to land. People would be diverting - note there were not many airports to divert a 777 to, which would also all fill up fast. Some people might not have known that there were little airports so wouldn’t have enough fuel etc. Point is, it’s carnage. This was an extreme example, but when people see that there are a lot of people flying to an airport, they too choose to fly there. It has a snowballing effect. Also, you have you said that airports in Brazil in particular use very different proceedures. Unfortunately, this is true. But it is also true for all the other 200 countries in the world. For example, many don’t like how people control Dublin. They don’t like how both runways are used when only one should be realistically. You could even go as far as saying that separation rules vary. For example, in Europe, you shouldn’t use so called “anticipated separation” as well as a few other weird quirks. Point is, IFATC are trained in one way. If they were trained in different ways depending on where they were controlling, you would have two possible outcomes
A: IFATC have to memorise different procedures for different parts of the world
Or B: controllers can only open one airport so they know the SOPs

Basically, to summarise, IFATC have their own procedures. These ensure aircraft are safely separated, arrive as soon as possible, and pilots get a some what realistic experience. If pillts spread out, IFATC will spread out. But to cut down on delays, traffic jams, and chaos, IFATC have to go where there are massive cues of aircraft.


Thanks, I knew you would come up with a reasonable response to this topic and I totally second your view.


While I highly respect all the above answers, I’d like to chime in myself and give my take on this.

You’re correct. Us IFATC don’t operate realistically. We just don’t. Let me explain this though.

Last night as I was closing OMDB, SBGR had 164 inbounds. 164. That is an absolute ridiculous number. That is unrealistic. 100 times more unrealistic than IFATC having to use a runway that’s closed in real life. Yet, there’s only one solution to that problem. That’s to use unrealistic procedures. Unrealistic inbound numbers equals unrealistic procedures. That’s the end of the story.

Now, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not calling you out for brining this up. I’m just not. I’m simply explaining that there’s only one way to cope with the absurd amount of traffic. Like everyone one else above said, if people started to fly to the other open airports, that Tyler spends hours creating, we IFATC can operate realistically. We will operate realistically.

While I’m here, I’d also like to say this.

People complain about IFATC being unrealistic. What about the pilot? Pilots in the real world actually obey ATC, without question. You don’t see a real commercial pilot ignore ATC communications and land on a random runway, then taxi at 35 knots until ramming into the terminal. You’ll never see that in real life. Yet, I’ve seen it countless times in Infinite Flight. Quite odd, no?

My point is the realism problem isn’t all IFATCs fault. It’s the pilots. If you want us to be realistic, consider flying to a different airport that has ATC, following procedures, and doing your share. That’s all we ask. If each pilot can make their own environment well, we can make your environment well too.

So, at the end of the day, before you go criticizing IFATC and pilots, make sure you yourself are realistic. When everyone contributes in a positive manner, the experience will be 100 times better for everyone!

Please note that the above is a general point and not calling anyone out. To the OP, I highly respect you for bringing this up. My response was simply a broad statement, which hopefully will help everyone.


You have the ability to instruct and influence pilots to do the right thing. I have done my part with the members of VO which I participate in making real flights and taking as much professionalism as possible from Infinite Flight, if you like, the challenge to observe with your own eyes in our weekly events, how much we are capable. Of course, don’t generalize the pilots, as I didn’t generalize the IFATC in my review!

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I think you may be missing the point. I’m saying that it’s impossible for us to enforce realism if pilots don’t do their best. We can’t use real world procedures if there is a ludicrous amount of planes. That’s all!