What realism are you looking for with the IFATC?

Hello friends.

I have been watching IFATC for a long time, especially when they come to Brazil. They don’t even study the procedures and peculiarities of each airport before starting an ATC session at that airport. Thus bringing a wave of errors and complications.

  1. A few months ago I saw an IFATC in session at Santos Dumont (SBRJ). Promoting parallel landings as if it were San Francisco (KSFO), the IFATC did not even pay attention to what type of airfield it was controlling. That same, accepted planes whose operation is not allowed by the runway limits and taxiways. What decadence!

  2. The last time we saw Guarulhos (SBGR) on the IFATC calendar, I saw parallel landings on both the 9th and the 27th, which is not the case in reality. I suggest to IFATC teachers or tutors that they encourage the practice of aerodrome study before they hold any session.

Second point I would like to add is to the other friends and pilots … I know that they love to use their favorite companies and favorite airplanes, but I strongly urge you to follow the companies that are suggested in the IFATC calendar. If you want a dash of realism, let’s do it straight.

Big hug to all
Good flights.


IFATC have to amend to the unrealistically high traffic levels, thus realistic procedures can’t always be used. With regards to aircraft size restrictions, yes I do agree the controller should have checked what was the largest aircraft which is accepted at SBRJ.


As bad as it may seem, it was often not necessary to do this.


IFATC are also told to prioritize efficiency over realism. If a runway is closer but is unrealistic, the controllers will use it regardless unless there is an issue like terrain which doesn’t allow for that runway to be used.


Hey man! SBGR has a lot of traffic right now. We deal with situations that the airport could never handle in really life. Our aim isn’t always realism. It’s about getting you down to the ground as quickly and safely as we can. So, that’s why we don’t use procedures all the time. If we see a situation where procedures will work, we will use them. Using two runways cuts your approach time in half, so that’s why we do it.

Thanks, hope you understand.


I fully agree with you


Ah, so I thank you for clarifying that the search for an approximation with realism is not one of the main factors of the IFATC.


that’s true! I really like IFATC’s, my greatest admiration to them all! but here in Brazil it’s not always organized for us Brazilians! please dear IFATC’s, study our Airports! The airports in Brazil are different from other countries in the world. We would be very happy with traffic control in Brazil the way it is in real life.


If traffic permits, controllers familiar with the real world procedures at a given airport can and will choose to control with real world procedures, but at the end of the day, traffic in Infinite Flight especially at the busy hubs renders us unable to adhere to the real world procedures. At the end of the day, it’s up to traffic situation and controller discretion if they wish to adhere to real world procedures. And in IF, more often than not the situations don’t allow for them.


So the solution to this, particularly speaking of airports with less structure to receive large quantities of flights, would be to spread IFATC across the country or region. Do not focus on just one region of the country as they do in Brazil…

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Actually, us IFATC love spreading out and opening all across the highlighted region. However, it’s the pilots that all love to flock to the same place, and that in turn causes the large traffic jams and unrealistically busy airspace’s you see. If you look at today’s schedule, you can see that there are many different places in Brazil and across the world we can open, but the hard truth is that most pilots don’t wish to fly to those quieter places when we open. Everyone is too eager and loves to fly to the main hub. Believe me, we do our best to open up all over the designated region!


I understand … But what I see is the opposite, now look at Brazil on the tracker, you will see that only SBGR / SBGL is active (as always). I advise you to put at least one IFATC per region, North, Northeast, South, Southeast and Midwest … Or if you are deficient in the number of IFATC, stay a little further away from each other, it is better for you and better for who flies.

Encourage pilots to visit more airports around the world.

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As others have said above we have to prioritise efficiency over real-world procedures, which means using all of the available runways as much as possible so we can get everyone on the ground and in the air as quickly as possible, but real-world operations are used by some controllers on less busy airports or on days such as IFATC Choice or IFATC At Home where the traffic is much more spread out and not concentrated in one region.

Don’t forget you can always PM the controller(s) with feedback and if you spotted any errors whilst they were controlling. Our inboxes are always open to positive and negative feedback.


The IFATC controllers do not make the schedule ourselves and therefore we don’t decide where we are allowed to open. The staff team does a great job of spreading out the ATC coverage over different regions of the world all week so pilots eventually get to experience flights everywhere!

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Thank you!

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How nice. Anyway, my suggestion remains and as a VO representative, I believe I speak for all members.

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Believe me, we’ve done that before and continue to do so, but the trend is that people simply don’t seem to wanna fly to places besides the busiest airports. For a lot of controllers, it can be disheartening to open up only to close with no traffic after their time is up. I can understand where you’re coming from, but in my opinion, it simply boils down to where the pilots want to go. We can open up all over as much as we want, but if the pilots still don’t wanna fly there, we can’t force them. And SBGR was asked to remain fully staffed in the schedule today, which is why you’ll see it at the top for the whole day.

In terms of having us spread out, groups of us will and have coordinated with each other to do mini-takeovers within the region to focus on less popular airports. Such examples like our Iberia Takeover, Vancouver Takeover, and French Riviera Takeover are just a few examples of recent ones we’ve done to promote the less known and less visited airports. If we controllers have the time, we’ll do our best to promote and open up other airports outside of the main hub to maximize the amount of destinations within each day’s region. But at the end of the day, we are volunteers who have lives outside of IF, and with today being a weekday and school and work being a thing for many, a decrease in controller activity and these little takeovers can be expected.

As mentioned by Shiv, if you have any questions for any one of us controllers, do PM us! We love talking and hearing from the community on what we’re doing well and what we can work on. It’s a constant road of seeking improvement!


Thank you!

I think it also needs to be said that IFATC is a volunteer organization. We’re here doing what we do, to enjoy Infinite Flight just as much as the pilots. We are doing the best we can. We do strive for realism, we really do. But in the end, we aren’t REAL air traffic controllers, and sometimes, such resources on realism aren’t available or are hard to find, unless you physically live by the airport. And other times, it’s not possible to follow realism like stated above.

Although many here complain for realism, I can guarantee more people would complain if we doubled everyone’s approach time by only using one runway. People would be incredibly mad.


Adding to what Danny said: Well, this honestly would be fantastic. However, around when covid began (which is when I joined IFATC), there was a huge influx of Infinite Flight users. And around that time, both pilots and controllers seemed to either want to fly in/control super busy airspace or not use the sim at all.

Once this continued to occur, it became a thing to have a HUB every day (even if the schedule didn’t define a hub) where everyone flies and all the controllers are fighting over, while other airports in the regions are dead. No one wants to fly to the other airports because there’s no controllers and no controllers want to control there because there’s no inbounds.

No one really knows the solution to this yet, but it would be great if we found one that encourages lesser known airports to be flown to and controlled consistently.