What real world aviation people do you look up to?

Here is my list of crews that I look up to:
Northwest 85
China Airlines 006
US Airways 1459
Air Transat 236
European Air Transport OO-DLL
Everyone at Qantas, for a half century long perfect safety record.
Who do you look up to?

What about the A380 incident at qantas

To be fair he said everyone at Qantas so I assume that also includes the crew of QF32

Kevin Betson, my trainer, and captain joe on Instagram 👌🏻

The crew of BA 38 and Air Transat 236

The crew of Pan Am 6/943

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oh & the crew of:
BA 5390
US 1549
Pacific Clipper
QF 32
AF 358
PAL 434
BA 38
JAL 123
BOAC 712
PA 1736

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