What real approaches have you simulated in IF?

True, the visual approaches are a bit difficult with the scenery of IF in its current state. However, I manage the KLGA RWY 31 Expressway Visual by comparing the chart to Google Earth and finding water and land shapes to use as my landmarks. These you can see.

No visible twin oil tanks, no Long Island Expressway or parks, but you can see Manhattan and the lakes where you begin the the big turn left (Flushing Meadow Park). I skim the north end of the twin lakes in a nice descending, banking turn left and before you know it, RWY 31 comes into sight. Line it up and land!

Real pilots must have a blast with this approach. I know I do!

The thing that we think while doing this approach in IF is “ok, if I screw up, I can go 20 sec back”. pilots, well, they probably think “if i screw up, i’ll have eternity to think about it”.

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I made some FLPs that follow SID/STAR as close as possible.


Most common issue are missing fixes in IF and Flightplandatabase

Well, it doesn’t really have any chart(s) really but pilots flying into Big Bear’s runway 26 (the usual runway) usually use Big Bear Lake as a Reference point. This is specifically very good for low visibility landings as the lake ends just before the runway.

I always fly real approaches, along with departures and arrivals. Makes the game a lot more fun for me.

I really enjoy the streetwater visual into runway 27 into KSAN, and the roaring fork visual into runway 15 at KASE!

Here you go

Departure: http://if-charts.000webhostapp.com/L35/L35_dep.html
Arrival: http://if-charts.000webhostapp.com/L35/L35_arr.html


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I have flown KPSP approach, and KLAX approach. The two easiest approachs.

I’ve flown the RNAV (RNP) approach for Runway 24 at KGUC (Denver region) countless times. Hands down my favorite approach in IF, especially with the Kai Tak-style turn to final at low altitude. Can’t recommend enough.

Charts: http://flightaware.com/resources/airport/GUC/IAP/RNAV+(RNP)+RWY+24/pdf

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