What real approaches have you simulated in IF?

I am creating this thread for people to share their experiences simulating real approaches in Infinite Flight! I noticed a lot of people becoming interested in real approaches recently, and this is a good way to organize your experiences.

For me, I have flown:

  • KLGA expressway visual
  • KLGA river visual
  • KJFK CAMRN arrival
    And some others I cannot remember off of the top of my head. I’d be interested to hear what you guys have flown.

You known what, now that I think, I didn’t simulated any especific aproach… I will do one and I come back

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I’ve never tried any in IF. It’s far too difficult for me when I don’t have any landmark features to go by. Once global flight is made publicly available, I’ll most definitely consider them.


He’s right. You can’t do the expressway visual when you don’t even have a distinguishable expressway, when global comes out, that’s a different story…;)


I try to recreate the KSNA approach. I repeat: try.


When Global flight comes out, I have Approach and Departure plates printed ready to go. That’s when I’ll start becoming realistic. :-)


I mostly do SID departures out of KSNA, KPSP and EBBR, I’m mostly doing ILS approaches for now. Good thread, I will go ahead and practice some more approaches.


I’ve done the HOLTZ ONE and LOOP NINE departures out of LAX, the SADDE SEVEN arrival into LAX, the RNAV (RNP) Z RWY 13R at PSP (That one is really loopy). Maybe some others as well but these I remember.

TNCM approach, KLAX approach & KSAN approach

Not all approaches are visual. You can do the instrument approaches just fine on IF.

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KLGA expressway visual and a few other visuals in newyork (cant remember the other airorts).
Then an approach from the west to KSAN.
And a realistic pattern into EGLL and EGBB.

I did the visuals to JFK and LGA.

I constantly do the Lendy.6 and IGN approaches into JFK, ass well as the highway visual for 31 at LGA, the Canarsie approach at JFK, and the SKORR departure from 31L at JFK.


Knowing how to read the HUD and a map plus listening for instructions makes for such a great experience,

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Nice to see a lot of experiences on this topic. Just flew the loc dme into Aspen 15, quite challenging!

Western Sydney 16R Approach
Nightly ILS 07 Sydney

Some of us had a really cool event using SID and STAR over Amsterdam. (Closed) SIDs, STARs Practice Flight @ EBBR - 012100ZAPR17

  • KLGB 12 LA River Visual (@Bobby @FlyFi)
  • KJFK 13L/R Carnasie Visual
  • KLGA 31 Expressway Visual
  • KEWR 29 Stadium Visual
  • KSAN 27 Streetwater Visual
  • HI-TACAN approaches at various military bases

I’ve also done many real world STARs and other IAPs around other IF regions but there’s too many to name.


I have done Big Bear’s river visual.

I can’t find that one online but want to try it. Where did you find it? @Lamborghini_Life