What rank on IFC is needed to put feature request?

What rank is it and where can i see it?

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TL2, keep reading, posting, and being helpful - informative to the community and you’ll be there in no time.

I recommend reading this guide


Thanks! aprreciated!

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Also, I would keep in mind that the ‘Support’ category in reserved for in-game issues that you may be having, for future questions that you need help with I would recommend using the search bar above to type in keywords that may lead to results of your inquiry. If not, for community questions, please feel free to use the ‘Meta’ SubCat which is reserved for community questions.

Read each subcategory carefully to see if what you post is a good fit for that category. Anything else can go into the ‘General’ SubCat.

Welcome to the community and we are glad to have you here!

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