What r the Red lines at the airports


Taxiways too small for the plane? Dunno

Seeing how they look, it might indicate that those are roads for airport vehicles.

I believe it may be areas under construction?

Does this by any chance signal a different kind of material used? Dirt? Grass?

I thought there were a few variants in coloring depending on the ground material, but I couldn’t find anything on the IFC, so I might very well be wrong.

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its when a be a terminal,runway,taxiway ect. is unusable

Short answer, yes. Ground types/pavements are colour coded.

Concrete, asphalt and green concrete/asphalt is the standard grey outline.

Gravel is white.

Dirt is a dark red/maroon colour.

Snow is oddly purple.


Thank you I was always wandering what the colores ment

i think those are white lines that display that

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