What qualifies as a landing?

Flying a KC130T in the Marine Corps, we often do landings on improvised strips (dirt, sand, beaches, etc…). How does infinite flight determine what counts as a landing or not? I ask this because I sometimes do improvised landings in random areas or beaches in the sim, but does that count as a landing?

On another note, if I did this in an area covered by ATC on expert, what would their reaction be?

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Landings are counted only on runways and you need to be on the runway for about 5+ seconds.

For your ATC question. Normally they would like you to be on their frequency when in their airspace. If you perform a landing on a beach and end up causing trouble with other aircraft you can possibly get ghosted. Just a rule of thumb…Don’t do that in any ATC airspace.

Wonder if it is possible to change this rule if in certain planes that are capable of performing of paved runways?

@Delta_Alpha_Lima Awww who flagged that. I liked the one.

As long as the main gear and nose gear touch the runway (IF knows what is a runway and what isn’t), then it should count.


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