What power do y'all put the reverse thrusts at when landing

Of course, the size of the runway, weight of plane, and air traffic depends, but I usually never use my reverse thrust at 100%, especially with the auto brake enabled. What would be the perfect reverse rate?

It seems the comments generally do not go above 80%. Pretty good margin


Between 20-80% depending on how long the runway is, and how late I land. If it’s a big RWY like JFK and if I land in the touchdown zone (which I do rarely because it’s hard lol!) then I’ll probably do around 20% and slowly go up to around 40%, if I don’t need to stop quickly. If I landed a little bit past, I’d use like 40% then go up to like 60%. It all really depends though.

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I try to aim for 50-80% reverse thrust.

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Around 40-80% it usually depends the runway’s length, and the approach speed


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