What planes ?

image image image I had to reinstall the sim today and seemed well.
But I started a flight at gate in SFO. All other airplanes were unseen…rather just their little status box icons moving about. I only saw one A330 across, otherwise no planes to actually see.

What’s the problem people? Does anyone else have this issue?

Helllllp meeeee ( in Jim Carey accent)


Have you checked to see what setting your airplane count is on? This can affect the amount of aircraft that you see near to your aircraft.

Let me know if this works, or you’ve already checked this.

Hello there,

  • Make sure change your aircraft count to - Very High - in the general - Live - settings.

  • Make sure you have no problems with your internet connection, that would mean not using a cellular network.

Hope this helps.

The aircraft are probably still downloading. With 19.1 aircraft won’t download until you spawn in. Depending on your internet connection and speed results may vary.

Similar to how the terrain/scenery is stored (no longer locally) this is what is happening with aircraft. Data is streamed.

@YukonD If you are on cellular there is an automatically download aircraft while on cellular selection in your settings. If that is disabled the aircraft won’t download.

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No. I’ve never had a problem. And it is set at highest. Always been using cell network without issue. It’s unlimited and fast.
It’s something else

Have you checked your general setting at ( Live ) —> ( Airplane Automatic Downloads even with celular data ) to switch it on?

Ok. Right. I tried spawning in several major airports to test it. Still problems. Even right now. Just me my 766, and ghost planes everywhere lol.

Yes I’ll try it again

It’s on auto yes… lol

Okay glad to hear. Well, other than having a strong internet connection and ensuring that you are on the latest build for a Infinite Flight I don’t believe there’s anything that you can change. If you are unsure as to whether or not you have the latest build installed you could delete the app and reinstall it.

Thanks I will but that’ll make it the second time for reinstall🤔

Woooohoooo! Ok they’re coming back!
Thanks for the help fellow pilots!

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Hi there!

You might need to check your airplane count setting? Or maybe check your internet connection, as it may take a while to load.

Let me know if it works, or if it doesn’t