What planes have the infinite flight livery?

I was just wondering if someone could post a list

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The MD-11 (retro), the 737 BBJ, the A318 ACJ, the CRJ-200, the CRJ-700, the TBM-930, 747-8 (2015), Citation X (2014), Dash-8 Q400 (2015), and the 787-8


Thank you:)

A moderator can close this now:)


Before this gets closed, I figured I’d inform you of a handy website - janpolet.nl. It’s created by our very own @Jan, and you can search up any aircraft, any manufacturer, or any livery within IF, including the Infinite Flight liveries (yes, all of them), not mentioning the other helpful tools of the site (I’ll let you figure those out on your own).

I often use it, and I find that it’s just a helpful little tool.


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