What planes do you think I will see while I'm at school?

What planes will I see

my school is close to Liverpool and Manchester closer to Liverpool but Manchester has more planes

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This really depends on what airport you are closer to. But that’s just my small rant.

Jet2 733 and 752.


Are you south or north of the airport?

Currently at MAN there’s an American A332

AA operate A332, 763 and 752 from MAN.


Hi guys back from school lol I saw a jet 2 757 and 767 Ryanair 737 easyjet a320 and a319 and the AA 777 also virgin Atlantic 747

Jet2 don’t operate 767’s. They never have.

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@Vs73_747400, I don’t think you did…

Look some up on google and see what some of those actually look like

B767 Ryan known as vs73-747 goes to my school and is my best friend he created his account at mine yesterday. should we do another event sometime?😀

Yeah they do speaking or Manchester and Liverpool I hope that will become a map on infinite flight it would be cool I go plane spotting at them airports with vs73_747400😀😀

All that came over at our school today is 2 ryanairs and 1 easyjet! 😀

Jet2 767? AA 777?

They normally come over at the start of school I didn’t see them today it was too cloudy😀

What we’re saying is Jet2 don’t have any 767’s and AA don’t fly any 777’s to Manchester.

Oh yeah it’s a 757 or 767 AA I think😀

Jet2 767s aren’t real and AA don’t fly 777s to MAN.

I see around 30-60 planes a day, just a shame they’re all at around 30000ft. (For anyone interested they are mostly Trans-Atlantic flights coming from the South of England and Western Europe going to East coast and central USA and or Canada.)