What plane would you fly on?

If you had chance to fly on any plane what would it be and why?
Note: the plane can be any plane even if it’s not flown anymore.

British Airways Concorde so that I could say that I went supersonic!


I would choose the A380 ( either Qantas or Emirates ) … If I could have an option to choose the seating, I would pick a seat in First class :D


Blackbird, and regularly request ground speed readouts


I would go with a…A380?i don’t rlly have a favorite aircraft

De Havilland Comet - the first jet airliner.

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Haha did you every hear of the story of the cocky F18 pilot who was requesting ground speed readouts near other GA aircraft, then 2 blackbird pilots requested their ground speed to be called out to bust the F18s ego?

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Haha yes, I believe the F-18s were doing readouts because a Mooney below did the same. Dunno if there is any truth to it, but a funny story nonetheless. Pretty sure the F-18 didn’t reply after the center controller read the SR-71’s groundspeed

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The a-4, f-4, A-1 and the BAe hawk. I like small jet fighters and old post ww2 props.

F-18, B77W, and AF1

I will like to fly on a F-35 and an A380…

Either Concorde or a 748 in the very front seat at the bottom

Concorde or DC-6 first class Pan Am on DC-6 and Air France on Concorde

Concorde of course. The 744 for one last hurrah as well.

The Wright Flyer! Who doesn’t like going old school? Another option would be the Spirit of St Louis

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Been there. Done that. JFK DXB

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B787, E190-E2, Or a TBM 900

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I’ve never flown on an MD-80 (or anything in the family) I would really like the chance to even though it’s nothing crazy. And of course I would kill for a ride in an old DC-3; what a plane.

Same here brother :)

Would probably choose an Etihad A380 (first class)