What plane should replace the Condor 767?

Hello all, I was just about to do a long-haul, Frankfurt to Cape Town, but I realised there is no Condor 767. What is the best replacement for it? Also, I don’t wanna fly the Lufthansa A340, since imo it’s the absolute worst plane to fly in the entire game. Anyways, may anyone please tell me?


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Thomas Cook B767. Condor was previously owned by them, so this is the livery I always use.

Soon also the Condor A330neo, when it makes it into the game!


Ahem…. No. Just no. Dont speak to my Lufty A346 like that.
If you really want, you can fly a Thomas cook 767 or Lufthansa 787/A350 livery


Okay, thanks!

I agree the a340 should not be treated like that😡

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I agree to not start arguments only in my threads. I really do not care

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