What plane should I use for "hand flying the globe"

In the upcoming weeks (before the end of 2019) I will be hand flying around the world so I need your opinion on what plane I should use. I will have a few predetermined ideas in a poll but feel free to share your own recommendations. Note the only commercial plane I can use is the Q400.

  • SR22
  • C172
  • C208
  • TBM930
  • XCUB
  • Q400
  • C130 (Any Variant)
  • Spitfire MK Vlll
  • P-38

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Why only the q400? I would use a kc10 or c130 as you can turn off some engines and still fly plus air to air refueling


Just to keep the theme of slow hand flying like they did in the 40s. (I know the Q400 is newer than that but you get the idea)

Here’s a challenge: try it with the XCub and see how that plays out! :)

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I forgot the c130 is turbo prop. I’ll add that to the list

Any one who wants to join let me know and I’ll confirm a date. If not this will just be a random time when I’m not busy.


I would say C172 for traditional means, but when the rework comes out:)

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Will it be in one go? Or will you land aswell to refuel

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I will land and refuel. Planning on going east so stopping in St. John Canada and Nuuk Greenland on my way over the Atlantic

Oh ok then do it in a 787 it’s more fuel efficient

I was planning on using GAs especially if the 172 rework comes out before I do this that it will be a test if the reworked 172

Oh ok do it with the cirrus 172 that would be cool or a 208 grand

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The spitfire would be cool especially if you are British

I’m from Colorado but still like those old ww2 birds

I’ll make a new poll at about 0130z

Updated poll released

Q400, can’t beat the fun of flying that thing

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Is this in IF or real world?

I would love to come man.

IF. I’ve only flown a c172 irl

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