What plane should I fly?

Hi I didn’t see any topic like this so I thought people could have polls in the comments saying what plane should I fly? I need this too because I’m not sure what flight to book for my YouTube channel this can help see what’s more entertaining. I have already been on the delta a330. Have fun!!
Here’s an example
EDIT I’ve been on a 767 too but a long time ago and it was also a 767-400

  • Delta 767-300 Ams-Bos
  • Delta a330-300 Ams-Bos

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Are you flying in economy?

Go for the 767 before they are retired in the not too distant future. Their 330s will stick around for longer I think.


If you want comfort I suggest the A330 because the 767 seats in Delta are really narrow and the IFE screen is smaller.

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If you have already been in A330 and you haven’t been in the B767, go ahead and give it a try.

If you have been in both, then I would choose the A330.

Go in the A330 it is a way better plane and way safer; make sure you get a window seat by the engine

Go for the A330. All of the amenities are much better. The seats especially and the entertainment system is so much better than the 767.

Not sure but probably comfort plus

Local Bostonian here. 👋

I recommend doing the 767-300 flight (DAL257). Because this is for your YouTube channel, this is the perfect time to capture Boston-Logan during the peak time since you arrive around 4PM EDT. You’ll capture a lot of planes especially the international ones at Terminal E when you arrive.

Just beware that the US Customs lines will be quite long since most international flights arrive during this time (I heard the wait times are improving though). If you don’t like waiting in long lines at customs, I recommend the A330-300 flight (DAL259) since it arrives around 1PM when the international terminal is quiet before the rush.

Good luck!


767 For da win! One of my fave aircraft.


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I’m kind of partial to the 767 😉 Just saying. 😎

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Here’s a rule of thumb that I use every time: If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going!!

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Do you want adjustable headrest, mire room, and a better tv? A330


Do you want to fly on a piece of history? 767


Wow it is almost 50-50


lolol its 50% 767 50% a330 but good news. I’m flying the a330 from Amsterdam to Boston and the 767 from Boston to Amsterdam. So yay

A330 more efficient to fly


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