What plane should I buy?

What is the best Airbus plane I can buy in the game? I have a Boeing 787-9, I’m just wondering what would be a good Airbus plane.


I would suggest some of the A320 family… newly done and APPR


Either get the a320 or a319. I have both and they are both amazing! They are both one of my favourite planes in IF!

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I would go with the A320 :)


What about the A318? That cute guy at the back? I love the A318 but I think any of the A320 family are excellent - once the A330/40 etc. are redone, I think they will be also good or even better.
Especially if there’s gear tilt on the A330 and A340!
Finally, the liveries on the A318 are beautiful.

  • A318
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • A330
  • A340

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What cockpit is the fifth picture? Looks good

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A320 I think

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A340, the best of the best


All of the A320 family have the same cockpit.


A319 is great. Its got the BA and Easyjet livery, so win win.


The b787-10 is spectacular and I am a ab fan

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I have all the planes but if I was you I’d get the 787 -8/9/10

The planes new and has a sleek design
Its also comes with 4k comparability and wing flex

The planes old and too long

they’re going to replace that easyjet livery so i’d get the A319 for the new one

I would get the a320

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And the gorgeous Air Canada and Rouge livery.

Airbus a320

Ikr. Beautiful graphics and such realistic physics.

Meh, not as good as the BA and Easyjet one.

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And you have Qatar. The Rouge livery looks better than the normal livery tbh.