What plane is this?

This is the only likely plane and livery

images (3)

I’ve checked through the lists of operators. I believe this is the only livery that matches your description

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Yeah hope to see the Comac series all around the world.

But there is a chance we might never see the comac series in other parts of the world except for China. This is because the aviation industry is dominated by Airbus and Boeing. Airlines might not want this. Also China has manufactured commercial aircraft before which mostly all has a poor safety record. The FAA and CAA might not approve of it to fly in their countries. Comac has to prove that this plane will be as safe as possible in order to get attention from other countries

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It is home to the 132th (I think that’s the number) ffighter wing

Ok, so now we need to search the internet for a military plane that fits the description.

I’ve been look for hours 😂

That is actually quite possible, but would not explain why it is not logged on any website.

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Why don’t you look up what type of aircraft are stationed there?

I believe that it wasn’t logged because it was performing a test. It might just be a 787-8 in the end though 😂 That’ a lot shorter than you think it is…

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Oh i lied its 132th wing

Still would show up on FR24? No?

It was quite close and definatly not that size

Why would a test 787 have a paint scheme (or lack there of) in chrome

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I just want to say I appreciate your help guys!

I don’t know maybe it was an Embraer E195-E2. I am not sure.

DSM only homes two blackhawks and a drone

I have no idea 😂… It was just a suggestion

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Doubt it, the 195 hasn’t got the body of an a320. Maybe the length but not the width and depth

I’m really looking for the CS100; it does fit the description well

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You’re right. Well the mystery plane still remains…a mystery😂


<img cradits go to google

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