What plane is on the FDS logo?

What type of biplane is on the FDS logo and will it ever be added into Infinite Flight?


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737bbj, a318, 747-8, and 777-200er. To be released for the dash 8 q400

He didn’t ask for the aircrafts the livery was on.

He asked what is the aircraft in the logo

Looks like a sopwith camel. I am not sure it will be added soon.

It will be added. It must be added. Start the campaign now.


Guess what time it is!! Feature request time!!

The sopwith camel? (Is that the one you want?)

It won’t be added, it must nut be added, don’t state the campaign now, I’m only saying this is because most of us don’t use general aviation on IF and that will take time away from better planes like A350, 787, etc. etc.

I disagree. We need more GA and needed to get more people excited about GA. The dash 8 may help this transition.


I would like some more smaller planes, we already know the 787 is next after the dash so the camel would be a nice addition. It likely doesn’t have that many liveries so won’t take as long to create as other projects.

Seems simple enough. Think it would be a good add.

Here’s a link to some of the concepts etc. If anyone’s interested :p http://www.jessicorn.com/fds.html

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Most of the airports in Infinite flight are grass or very short runways the spit can barely stop on. If we add the camel, we could actually use them.

Thats where the Super Decathlon comes in :p

It looks characature to me.

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