What plane in IF has the longest/furthest range without a having to make a fuel stop

I want to be able to fly from YPPH-SBEG on the expert server but i need to know what aircraft is capable of flying that route cuz I don’t want to run out of fuel in the middle of Antarctica

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I believe the A350 could do it. The shortest distance between Manaus and Perth is about 10000 miles, so be sure to have a good amount of fuel in your tanks; keep them around 90% full or more.

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77L will do 33 hours
77W, 2, and F will do ~26
A350 25
Wouldn’t really consider anything else


I would suggest a350 I just did a 11hr flight and was still left with 20% fuel…5900nm

Probably either the -200LR or the A350.

the A380 has 23 hours of fuel capacity whereas i think the A350 only has around 22. maybe take the a350 if you want to be extra careful or the 777-200LR also has nearly 23 hours of fuel capacity

i did london to auckland for 23 hours and still had fuel left

I did EDDV NZAA one time with the A350 and still had quite a bit of fuel left.

EDDV NZAA was about 9800 NM, so I’m sure you should be fine.

Don’t forget to step-climb

Cessna Caravan!
I did EDDF to KLAX withe the Cessna Caravan and Still had about 30 % fuel!



767 can go FAR with no load

How long did that take

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Just jk ;)

Maybe twenty hours

only joking

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Anyway, the A350 or 777LR. Both have an impressive range even at max payload, and you will be able to do it, though not with 100% cargo and passengers.

DO NOT USE THE 777-300ER. I would use the a350, a380 or 777- 200LR. :)

A380s and B747s have 4 engines, so they consume much more fuel than an twin engine. Plus, they are old and therefore they aren’t very fuel efficient anyway

Here are some aircraft that can take you far:

  • A350-900
  • B777-200LR
  • B787 family

These aircraft are very efficient and also carry a lot of fuel. With no pax, you can even fly around the whole globe in a B777-200LR I believe

ive done 23 hours in the 77f

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