What plane has the longest range?

Hey there

I am planning to do Auckland to London soon.

Just because why not. What plane In the infinite flight fleet has the longest range?

Should I use the


Or a different one?


either the LR or A350. think the LR though.

The A359 or B77L would be your best bet. I’ve seen topics about the B77L having the best range (in Infinite Flight).

The A388 can go quite far as well, lasting upwards of 24 hours with the right winds and proper altitude.

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A359 would be my guess

I’ve done it on the B789, but with like no one on board. B767 is super broken though and can do that with quite a few passengers on board lol
Also, A350 at FL330 should do it as well.

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I’ve had a 90% load and was able to climb to FL370

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It’s more efficient at 330 lol (there is a fuel data problem yeah, I’ve tested)

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I sounds like I should do it with the A350 or the LR


The A380 should be able to handle that range but with the options you have given, I’d go A350.

I’ll just add in by saying this topic had some nice discussions: Longest-range plane on Infinite flight

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I flew a 772 on that route, made it with 2:30 hrs of fuel left lol (very little pax and cargo)


The A359 can go 60 hours if you’re careful 🙂

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That isnt true. None of the aircraft in IF can go 60 hours nonstop without utilizing a bug.

Well, I’ve done it on the 350 before. Step climbing, using one engine, etc.

Cool you decided to fly using a sandbox procedure. But people arent looking to see how far they can fly on one engine. They are looking to see how far they fly using standard procedures. Saying that the A350 has a flight duration of 60 hours misleads the OP that he can fly the aircraft normally and get 60 hours. That doesnt help anyone and deceives others about what they can expect flying so and so aircraft the way they are intended and how most people fly them, with all engines being used.


You can fly this using regular procedures it just requires skills ;)

To add more info check this out: The Infinite Flight Longest Flight Time Records Database

I understand what your saying but it has already been answered, it’s about 22hours without restoring to “special techniques”

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772LR or A350XWB

Update: The 200ER can do it with a pretty typical load as well. It has like 26-27 hour range at M.84 with zero load (and that does not max out MTOW) but you need to know how to step climb.

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