What plane fo you want to be reworked

Hi what plane do you want reworked the most

  • F16
  • F18
  • 787-8
  • F22
  • Crj’s
  • Ejets

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I don’t think that we are supposed to be posting these we just had one and the a330 won and it can cause a bit of drama
(If that makes sense)

I just want to see what plane people think need to be better

That plane was the a330

I’d personally want the 787 😛

I’d highly suggest looking at the #features category and dropping a vote on your most favourite thing you’d want to see in game!

I believe you may have a few more votes that you can use on some cool stuff! I’m not too familiar with TL1 votes 😀

I know no plane is getting reworked at the moment

The 757 is in development even beta testing as we speak and the a330 is probably being started

This is the purpose of the #features category.