What plane could I take from London Heathrow to Seattle non-stop?

Hey there everybody. Does anyone know what plane I could fly from EGLL (London Heathrow) to KSEA (Seattle) non-stop with a live cockpit? If you do, could you please leave it down below. I suggest the plane has the Delta Airlines livery since that’s linked to the ATC Schedule. Thanks so much!

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777 Family would be the best plane if you want live cockpit. Given Delta - 777-200LR would be good.


Does the 777-300ER have delta or no?

The -200ER and -200LR has the Delta livery.

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Thanks, they don’t have realistic sounds though?

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American flies the 777-200ER on the route if you want realism


The 777 has sounds from a GE90 engine.

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American 777-200
Delta 777-200

He wants live cockpit so the 787 and 767 are out of the equation.

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If you want a delta aircraft and live cockpit, you can also use the A350-900. Been recently added to the game, updated physics etc. No real sounds though.

I would personally use the MD11 or 767 but that doesn’t seem to be what you’re looking for.

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Well, Delta 777-200LR is good, but if you’re looking for realism I suggest AA 777-200

Use the British B757, or the Delta’s 757

what are you saying? 😂

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I would probably use an A350, B-777 or anything along those lines.

B757 is pushing it with the range…

Pretty sure it doesn’t have range

I don’t know tbh

If you are in Beta then it’s a large hmmmmm

If you are not I was just telling you that he wants a plane with live cockpit

@BennyBoy_Alpha and @AvioesEJogos don’t worry, i know that.

No, I was asking how you got this:

I TOTALLY never wrote that