What plane can fly direct from WSSS --> MMMX

@PocketRishi any idea how long the flight will be? internet will only say it what it is with stops and I’m pretty sure it won’t take like 40hrs

Roughly 17-19 hours.

got it thanks for the help

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No worries! Post some pics if you manage to finish this flight.

also if u want todo it with me u can

ill make a thread

I wish but it’s a bit too long for me. Maybe next time.

ight next time

The 787-8 should be able to make it, or the 772, the a380, or the 773

got it thanks

new question guys

i need like a far flight from somewhere to eddf

like 15hrs +

i might do pgum to eddf

phnl eddf :)

what aircraft?

Lufthansa A350-900

yup ill do that

In addition, this will help.

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